Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The best things about our annual Thanksgiving trip to Florida, in no particular order:
  • traveling with a princess and appreciating all the love and smiles and happiness she inspires in perfect strangers as she emits her unique "sparkliness" into really boring and stressful places (like airports during the holidays)

  • spending several unscheduled days with my daughter, my parents, and my hilarious and fun cousin Ali

  • running in the morning and then diving into the Gulf of Mexico to cool off

  • celebrating my cousin Chloe's 2nd birthday with her and all her friends

  • meeting my cousin Haley's lovely husband-to-be, Greg and welcoming him into my big, crazy family
  • beers on the beach in the middle of the day

  • seeing my husband at the Tampa airport after missing him while we were gone

  • snuggling in bed with Sadie at night and playing outside during the day

  • Thanksgiving dinner for over forty people in the Florida sunshine

  • thrifting and wearing some amazingly stylish outfits for the annual Peckett Family Thanksgiving day 10K and winning the best dressed category (naturally)
  • lying in a pile with my favorite women in the world (my cousins and sister-in-law)

  • Teaching and showing Sadie the importance of family: aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and especially cousins

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