Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Home Improvements

I was going to post pictures and thoughts about the various home improvement projects we took on in March and April.  They included the painting of the entire upstairs of our house (we hired someone to do that part...), moving around of furniture, hanging pictures and artwork on the wall, and some other minor changes.

But really, none of that matters as much as these bookshelves.  This is what started it all, and this is what makes me the happiest.  I've wanted floor-to-ceiling, built-in type bookshelves ever since we bought this house.  It's been sad to have my entire book collection double stacked onto my old college bookshelves all this time.

My neighbor Chris wins the award for neighbor-of-the-year for all the help and support he offered us during this project.

We were inspired by this website, and followed the Billy Bookshelves Hack pretty closely.  Amazing how well that worked and how much money we saved!

 I LOVE these bookshelves.  They have transformed the entire upper floor of our house and the best part is that we find ourselves using this space for reading, playing, and making music more than we ever have.

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