Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bluegrass at the Fair

Our second festival of the season came just one week after Meadowgrass, and was an event we've never been to.  We hadn't pulled anything out of the Scamp, we just threw in some clean clothes, slapped a new sticker on the back, and headed off Saturday morning for the Bluegrass at the Fair festival in Pueblo.

While we were excited to see a lot of the music that would be performed at this event, but we were really going to have a chance to camp out with our favorite bluegrass family, the Friesens.

And also so happy that my good friend Danielle and her kiddos showed up to spend some time with us.  Danielle understands that in order to see us, she just has to come to a festival!  Yep! 

By this point, I was feeling pretty at home in the Scamp....

And we thought our little Scamp looked pretty adorable next to all the huge RVs and motorhomes at this festival....

We loved seeing so many of our good friends playing music at this festival, especially Todd's (the Papa Friesen's) band, Dr. Harlan's Amazing Bluegrass Tonic

Our buddies the Blue Canyon Boys were there too!

and the Steel Pennies!

Festival season was in full swing..we were tired by the end of the day on Sunday, but had so much fun!

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Melina said...

Gosh i'd love a little camper like that!!