Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finnders and Youngberg

We definitely ended this spring's house concert series on a high note.  It was our first repeat performance, and it was by far the biggest crowd we've had yet, at nearly 80 people.  

After getting all our house concert chores done, we treated ourselves to a lunch date, and then a nap.  So we felt rested and excited by the time the crowd started showing up.

Our last house concert with Finnders & Youngberg was one of my favorites, and was the favorite of many of our attendees.  I always knew that if we had any repeat performers, it would be this band.  They are SO talented, so charming and engaging, and the songwriting in this band is some of the best in the business. 

It actually worked beautifully to have so many people in the house.  It was such a great night of music.  And quite possibly the best post-show jam we've ever had happened afterward.

As I always am after the last show of the season, I find myself thankful for a break for the summer.  But I know that without fail I will be ready to start up again by fall. What a lucky life we lead to get to host these concerts in our home and to know these lovely people who make such great music.

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