Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Trip

Last month Sadie and my mom and I took a quick trip to Florida to visit the newest member our family, my cousin Casey's new baby, Ty Carter!  Of course, first on the agenda was a visit to Weeki Wachee
Sadie is currently quite obsessed with mermaids, so we thought it would be lots of fun to go see the mermaids at this Florida landmark.  Weeki Wachee has been around since my mom was growing up in Florida.  It's a funky old place that's certainly showing its age, but of course three year olds don't see all the peeling paint and decrepit structures. 

And unlike her mama, Sadie JUMPED at the chance to pet the snakes at the Weeki Wachee animal show!  I was so proud of her.  And SO proud of myself for sitting and watching her do it!  Two years ago I would have been on a plane back to Colorado before they could have even told us what kind of snake it was...
 Casey is mom of the century in my eyes...she is handling having a one year old and a newborn with grace and style and patience that I don't think many women possess.  So impressed with her...supermom!!!
 And of course, we all relish watching Sadie and her cousin Chloe together.  Casey and I are so close, more like sisters than cousins really, so we love seeing our daughters forming their own close relationship.  

 There was lots of downtime at Casey's house.  Popsicles from the icecream truck,
 slip n' sliding,
 and of course as much time as possible snuggling our new beautiful cousin.

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