Friday, June 29, 2012

A Peaceful Place

Within a year of moving into our current home, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a true gem in my community, the Sanctuary Center.  I was out driving the back roads in our area, as I like to do when getting to know a new place, and saw a small stucco building that piqued my interest.  Imagine my sheer joy when I realized what this building was all about. 

The Sanctuary Center is a place dedicated to quiet reflection and self discovery.  It encompasses several acres with gardens, benches, and statues.  There's a nice gazebo with table and chairs, and the building itself is so lovely.  There's a lending library, artwork, a guest book, and a basket of gratitude stones.  The inner room is octagonal in shape, painted beautifully, and is a perfect place to sit quietly and reflect or listen or pray.  There aren't any staff members or caretakers at the facility; it's open to the public from dawn till dusk and operates on pure trust. 

A feature of the Santuary House that we've never visited is the labyrinth.  A few weeks ago, the three of us took the short drive and visited the labyrinth for the first time.  Sadie loved looking at all the treasures that were scattered around the rocks, buried in the sand, and hanging from the trees.  She somewhat got into the idea of walking quietly and thinking or singing as we walked the path toward the center.  We'll keep working on that....

I just feel so thankful that this wonderful place is right in my community and available for us to use and enjoy and I look forward to continuing to use it as a resource for my family in the years to come.  


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