Monday, August 15, 2011

Poppy's Boat

So, in the next 12-18 months, you'll probably hear a lot about my awesome dad and his big adventure on this blog (and hopefully on his very own blog!).

Sneak preview: my dad is retiring soon...very soon. He'll be happy to tell you exactly how many months/weeks/days/hours/seconds until he retires. Sometime next June he'll be done working hard after a successful, interesting, and varied career. And a week later, he'll embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

He'll be taking a boat trip from northern Montana to Key West, Florida. Seriously. On inland waterways (rivers, etc.) the entire way. More details to come. And while we, his family, have been (just a little bit) ignoring him and tuning him out while he talked about these big plans for the last few years (maybe we weren't sure they'd actually happen...), we now know that this is really happening! Because he's the proud owner of this new boat!

He and my mom found it in the Pacific Northwest a couple months ago, and my dad and Uncle Al drove it back from there a few weeks later (after the manufacturer pimped it out a bit more...).

And now it resides in my parents' driveway. Unless it's out on the water. We were the last of the immediate family to find time for a test drive of the boat a couple weekends ago. And what fun we had. We spent the day tooling around 11-mile Reservoir near Lake George, CO.

And Sadie LOVED it! Which amazed her mama and dada. She must be taking after her Poppy, who she likes to tell us "is a boat guy".

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