Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Three Years

Three years ago today I picked up the hem of my dress, ducked under an umbrella, took one last deep breath, and walked through the pouring rain to marry this man.
Top Ten Things I Love About Brian Peterson
1. He plays the banjo beautifully and he brings the sound of live acoustic music into my home on a daily basis

2. We make each other laugh. When he laughs really hard, it makes everyone else around him laugh

3. He is a loyal, vocal, and unwavering sports fan

4. He supports, respects, and listens to me....and he allows me to be a crazy lady and still loves me when I come back down

5. He consistently thanks me for the everyday work I do around the house and tells me all day long how much he loves me, no matter who's listening.

6. I love the way he dances..and I love his beard!

7. He works hard for our family

8. His life is defined and explained by the music he listens to

9. My friends and family love him

10. He is an extraordinary father

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Anonymous said...

you make be bawl, really knock it off.