Saturday, August 22, 2009

Strange Folk

Another festival down, and it was a success!
However, with the late night campground drama, some loud lesbian lovemaking next door, a mountain rescue involving some new friends, and a suspected polygamist/cult leader, it was definitely one of the most interesting folks festivals yet.
Sadie was perfect yet again...I think she's officially a member of the festivarian nation. Dad joined us, as did Adam and Mari.

and how happy we were to have my dearest friend Rachel visit from Boston. She was feeling good and happy to spend some quality time with all three Petersons. We had what was definitely the best festival campsite to date, under a permanent shelter that Planet Bluegrass left in place.....which made the periodic rainstorms way easier to deal with.
And Brian even pulled a Number 4 for the tarp line one morning. Way to hussle Pete!!

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