Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Vacation: Part 1

I usually find myself wanting to call her my soulmate.  But then I keep it to myself because I don’t want to hurt my husband’s feelings.  Because of course, he’s my soulmate too.....just a different part of my soul.

I’ve never had a friend like Rachel, and I don’t expect to ever have any others quite like her.  She knows me better than mostly anyone.  It recently it occurred to me why that might be....she was by my side when I found myself.  There in the beauty of the Alaskan interior, during my impressionable early 20's, I figured out who I was becoming, who I wanted to be, what's important to me, what to not be ashamed of, how to be honest with myself and others, how to love my body, and how to strive to truly live life to the fullest.  And so much more.  Wow those were some formative years.  And she was with me the whole time, and together we figured a lot of that out.

So, because of all the love, support, intellectual stimulation, smiles, understanding, and big belly laughs that happen when we’re together….it was pure luxury to spend a few days with her in her current home city of Boston. 

 Every time she and I have been together since we left Alaska 12 years ago, we’re in the midst of a larger adventure, project, festival, or my family.  This time it was just us, a few friends of hers sprinkled around the edges, and some uninterrupted, mostly unplanned, days together.
We ate, drank, laughed, and walked our way through her lovely city….

And of course it was a total treat at the conclusion of these few lovely days to be with my family, who all consider Rachel family too.  Together on her porch with cold beers, instruments, and pizza.  Perfection.

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