Monday, November 12, 2012


We own this!  It's a 1985 Scamp camper (or Scamper as I like to call it).  And we are absolutely in love with it!!!

Oh my gosh I can't even stand it.  I am positively beyond words in my happiness over this little camper.

We've been talking about buying something like this for years.  Although we're not really "RV" people, we think this little guy fits us just perfectly.  It's about 30 years old, a little funky, and travels easily...just like us!

It fits three people and not really any more...just our size.

It's going to be GREAT for festival season..we love knowing that Sadie will be safe, quiet, and warm inside while festival craziness carries on outside.  And in the event of inclement weather, it will certainly make for an easier festival. 

It's lightweight (about 1,200 pounds), so we're happy that it won't change our gas mileage much (from what we hear), and when we have to buy a new car, we won't be tied to buying another gas-guzzler-SUV, we can easily buy a small SUV or station wagon and still pull it. 
 It's in relatively great shape, but we need to give it a good cleaning, swap out the cushion covers, replace the curtains, and add some additional storage options (shelving, etc.).  We weren't sure how we were going to store it, but it miraculously fits through our garage door (with mere inches to spare), so now we can work on it whenever we like.

We know we'll get tons of use out of it.  There are so many nights that we would camp Friday night during the fall and summer, but we have to be somewhere on Saturday.  If all we have to do it shut the door and head home, that means we'll be spending that many more nights in nature!

Can't wait for camping season to begin!!!  And planning a trip south to warmer climates in March or sooner (Utah?).  Woohoo!  We're Scampers!!!

Check out my "Scamp It" board on Pinterest to see some of my current inspiration for this little guy.

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