Thursday, November 8, 2012

Denver Puppet Theater

 My new favorite place.  This is such a treasure in Denver.  It's artsy and interesting and funky and old and weird and creative and imaginative and a perfect place for kids to explore and play.  What a treat to have a girl's day out with my mom, sister-in-law, and Sadie and me. 

 Cool things about this place:  beautiful gardens on the premises; animals (cats, dogs, and bunnies) about; puppets that the kiddos can play with; an art studio where attendees decorate their own puppets; a fascinating collection of vintage puppets (mostly marionettes) from around the world; funky puppet music (not even sure what that means, like gypsy-carnival music from the 18th century) playing in the theater; the owner's beautiful studio (where she makes all her own puppets) which was full of fiber, a spinning wheel and huge loom; and the adjacent, equally interesting and funky ice cream and coffee shop (owned by the husband of the husband and wife team). 

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