Thursday, April 14, 2011

Self Care

I am finding myself in a period of being very mindful of how I take care of myself mentally and physically (not really tackling the spiritually part for now...). I'm amazed at how some recent changes in my life have affected my energy level throughout the day and week, my sleeping habits, my ability to cope with stress and premenstrual symptoms, and my overall feeling of contentment and vitality. These changes include mostly eliminating coffee from my morning routine (with the exception of a weekend morning every once in a while), and replacing coffee with green smoothies most mornings; going to bed around the same time every night, even on the weekends; and frequent and consistent vigorous activity.

I'm feeling very empowered by these changes right now and look forward to continuing to make more positive changes in my routine that will have me feeling better all the time!

This article really resonated with me this morning (and inspired this quick blog post) and includes some great tips that I want to start incorporating.

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Gratefulmom said...

You know the thing that is so sad about that list is that it truly is simplistic but it's the dedication and discipline to follow it that one needs. I need to work on the fact that I am important not only to me and Jas but my boys. It sounds like you are doing great and finding happiness with so many aspects of life. BTW I saw you today. It was funny actually cause you practically ran past me at the Egg hunt with Sadie on your back. You looked like you were in a hurry which I am sure you were. But the funny thing is the first thing that I thought when I saw you was "That is a cute baby" without realizing it was Sadie and the second thing I thought about was how I wish I had a back pack to carry my kids when they were little and not just the sling then I realized it was you! Did she have fun?