Thursday, November 14, 2013


On a whim, after our last house concert, we decided that we loved the band 3 Penny Acre so much that we wanted to follow them to the desert, to the Moab Folk Festival, to hear more of their beautiful music!  So, we packed up the Scamp for one last trip before winter, and left Castle Rock early on a Friday morning.  We knew it would be snowing, and despite the promises I had made my worrying mother that we wouldn't go if it snowed...we plowed on through.

Snowy roads do not bother me or scare me.  I drove on pure ice for 7 straight months at a time when I lived in Alaska.  BUT, I'd never driven the Scamp in the snow, so that was of course a different matter.  I was SO, so pleased to find that the Scamp had actually no bearing at all on my ability to safely navigate us over the continental divide in a snowstorm.  And look what was waiting for us on the other end.....

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