Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Railsplitters

Here we are, mere days away from our last house concert of this season, and I have yet to blog about the first of the season, which happened all the way back in March!  Well, life has certainly been busy since then....
But it has still been one of the best seasons yet!  What a great time we had with The Railsplitters.  Sometimes we book bands for a house concert without ever having seen them live.  Sometimes I have a lot of anxiety about that...it's a bit of a gamble.  BUT...I had no worries about this show...I just knew it would be great, and that our concert attendees would absolutely love it.

And they  did!  There was so much admiration, love, and energy in the room during this house concert.  The Railsplitters are a relatively new band, but it's like they are MEANT to be playing together.  I can tell how much fun they are having on stage together, and how much love they have for the music they are making.

The house was packed, and there were a lot of new faces in attendance, which is always nice.

And a killer pick ensued afterward...which is always such a great way to finish a house concert night.

I cannot wait to see how things develop for this band....they have so much potential!  They're on their way to releasing their first album, they're booking more shows all the time, and they're getting more attention locally all the time.  So thankful that we had them play as part of our series...before they're too big for our little living room!

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