Friday, September 21, 2012


Five years ago today, I wrote my first blog post ever

I can hardly believe it's been five years!  In a way it seems like much longer than that...but at the same time, it seems like just yesterday. 

I thought this would be a fun time to look over some old blog posts and choose some favorites...
Also using today to reflect on why on earth I take the time to keep my blog current (somewhat).  Really for me, it's just a not-so-private journal.  I've always loved writing, but I've never been a great "journaler".  I DO find that writing about things that are important to me helps me get my thoughts straight.  I like that I can passively let people in my life know how I feel about things.  ;)  I love having a way to document what we manage to fill our very busy lives with...I swear I'd never remember a thing that I've done with myself if it weren't for the blog.  I like being a part of the blogging community.  I LOVE reading other people's blogs and like having something to contribute back to the larger "blogosphere".   I never think that anyone other than my mother, a couple friends and my husband are actually reading my blog, and I'm perfectly o.k. with that.  I just like having a place to express myself openly, a place to display pictures of my family and our adventures, and place to keep track of all the fun we're having! 

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