Friday, January 7, 2011

Intentions 2011

bake bread
breathe deeply
smile more
let go
lose weight in order to feel good and have more energy
find some more balance
get outdoors more often with my family
continue to work on my snake phobia (in order to accomplish the item directly above)
practice my mandolin and my fiddle and my harmonica
don't make a big fuss over small things
quit trying to be like everyone else, do what makes sense for me and for my life
slow the hell down
take the love languages quiz (and ask my husband to do the same)
start being more consistent with my strong-willed toddler
sit back quietly and observe more often
tell my friends how much I love them
do something with my compost pile (worms?)
do not, under any circumstances, take on any more time consuming hobbies
fly a kite
think of my daughter as an equal
be more effective, efficient, focused, and patient at work
love myself and all my faults

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