Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hard Pressed House Concert

We've just had our second house concert of the series, so I figure it's about time to talk about our first...

Our first house concert of this fall season turned out to be such a magical night. We felt so lucky to have Andrea Lecos and Cory Obert travel from Paonia to play for us. Brian and I have really been looking forward to this show, and it didn't disappoint.

Brian couldn't wait to have such a talented, well-known, and innovative clawhammer banjo player right in our living room. He didn't waste anytime picking (no pun intended) Andrea's brain about all things banjo.

The house concert was really well attended; we had over 40 people show up! It always feels so good to have our house full of friends, family, and like-minded music lovers.

We also really enjoyed getting to know Cory and Andrea better. I have known Cory for a long time, since I first interviewed his band Sweet Sunny South on the air when I was a disc jockey. But I'd never met Andrea, and had never really had the chance to spend much time visiting with Cory. Brian and I both felt so inspired after spending the weekend with these two. Not only were we inspired by their music, but also by their lifestyle and just their general nature. They are two people that I am so happy to be able to call friends and look forward to more late nights pickin' with them.

Here are some videos (you'll have to turn the volume up) I took of the night. Enjoy!

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