Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year again, when the Ingersolls and Petersons head up to Boulder County to get our pumpkins. It's a tradition we've had in my family since I was a baby, and we keep it up every year. It's funny to be the only group at the pumpkin patch without a kid...just six adults wandering around and being completely entertained by the corn maze and the goats.

Adam and Mari picking out their pumpkins...

Two and a half Petersons....

Here are mom and dad, Adam and Mari, getting ready to enter the corn maze. This maze has stumped us every year....but we were determined to make it through this time.

And here we are after successfully finding our way out of the corn maze!!! Finally!! (through the exit I might add...there have been years when I have just bushwhacked out of the maze in a claustrophobic freak-out...that doesn't count).

We finished off a beautiful fall Saturday in Colorado with homemade spaghetti at the Blue Parrot in Louisville, and a wander through the farmers market and guitar store. A perfect day with the family....and we came out of it with some pretty handsome pumpkins too.

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