Wednesday, October 15, 2008

About Time I Showed Up

What a month it's been. I seem to have had no time for blogging. What on earth have I been doing? Let's see....

1. I turned 30!! And I celebrated in fine style, the way I like to, for an entire week. (Actually about 2 weeks in this case. It was a big birthday after all). Celebrations included the aforementioned New Mexican food extravaganza in Taos; a joint birthday celebration with my wonderful mother-in-law Chris; the John Butler Trio concert at Red Rocks with Kevin and Marjorie; a hike, a massage, and a wonderful steak dinner with my family; a Bronco game in a luxury suite; and the baking and almost solitary consumption (over about a week) of the best damn birthday cake ever. Double-layer, coconut cake with cream cheese frosting. Seriously....
2. I've been doing my part to change the world! After a few too many mornings spent crying in the truck on the way to work after worrying myself sick over the possible outcome of the upcoming election, I decided to channel that energy into something productive. Better for me, better for the country. Consequently, I've been spending a lot of time at my local Obama campaign office. I've been phonebanking and cavassing at least a couple times a week. And although there are a lot of rejections from voters who don't agree with me and/or are just plain tired of this never-ending political season, every time I complete voter outreach session, I feel like I've really gotten through to at least one voter. I've made someone think twice about their decision, or I've encouraged them to throw their apathy out the window and make a decision, or impressed upon them the importance of casting their vote on election day, or I've excited someone who will be voting for the first time, or I've convinced someone to volunteer their precious free time to the election. It's rewarding work for a cause I fervently believe in. And although I'm not an expert on Barack Obama's policies, I truly believe that he is the best chance we have to turn things around in this country and I am desperate to have someone intelligent and inspiring in the White House (after the clown shoes of the past 8 years). It's also just plain exciting to be a part of such an energized movement. We have a weekly Women-to-Women event at the office, where women of all walks of life from my community get together to make calls and to talk about the election and issues that specifically concern and affect us as women.

This quote hangs on my fridge. It inspires me every time I look at it.

"Nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for CHANGE."

3. We found out that we will be having a daughter! On September 19th, Brian and I watched in awe as our first baby wiggled around on the ultrasound screen in front of us. She rubbed her eyes and rested her hand on her head. And then we got the big news, "it's a girl!". Although I hadn't been experiencing the stereotypical weepiness you hear about during ultrasounds, I sure teared up when she announced that we're going to have a daughter. Brian's been predicting a girl all along, but I never had an instinct either way. Once I found out I was pregnant, I was just so thrilled, that I honestly didn't have a preference for what the sex of our baby would be. But once I found out, I realized that I've ALWAYS wanted to have a daughter.

I think the mother-daughter relationship is the most amazing, yet complex relationship a woman has in this life. I cherish the close relationship I have with my mother. I feel proud when I am reminded constantly by the men in my life (namely my husband, brother, and father) that I'm "turning into my mother". I love that we share many of the same interests, passions, mannerisms, and opinions and think it's great when we both say the exact same words at the exact same moment in response to any given situation. I still get such a sense of comfort being in her presence and want her there when I'm in pain or scared or worried. I'm amazed to be seeing her with new eyes now that I'm going to be a mother. I'm inspired by what a wonderful mother she is and how she raised me to be a strong and independent woman. I aspire to instill the same values in my daughter that she has in me.

4. Knitting, reading, bookclubbing, reading some more, cooking, knitting, repeat.... Somehow I'm managing to fit in all the hobbies I love to do, especially now that we're headed into fall. I'll post pictures of knitted items sometime soon. But I wanted to mention three amazing books I've read recently:

The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak Loving Frank, by Nancy Horan:and Birthing From Within, by Pam England:

5. Prepping for Baby Peterson (I'll leave this topic for another post). It's probably about time to post some belly pics though. Here goes...

18 weeks (September 16, 2008):

20 weeks (September 30, 2008):

22 weeks (October 15, 2008):

And baby Peterson is on the move! In the last couple weeks (and especially this week), I've really started to feel her moving around. And wow is that bizarre! But it also increases the natural bond I'm starting to feel with this little one. It's really starting to sink in that there's a little girl growing inside of me! Despite all the important things on the baby-to-do list, I'm just enjoying feeling and watching my body change, feeling her change inside of me, and daydreaming with my husband about our baby.

6. Overall feeling very grown up... and oscillating between enjoying it and wanting to wind back the clock and be a kid without so many worries and responsibilities.


Anonymous said...

Rachel, What a wonderful tribute to your mom! You are also going to be a FANTASTIC mom! Love, Chris

Christy D. said...

Birthing From Within was a wonderful book that transformed the births of my 2nd and 3rd children from terrifying to beautiful. I'm so glad you found that for your FIRST baby.

Anonymous said...

Rachel... I can't believe how much your beautiful belly is growing! I found your blog address on your facebook page (I hope you don't mind - I am a little obsessed with reading blogs) and I have been waiting for an update ever since!

And yes, having a daughter is incredible. Little girls are absolute heaven (although I guess I am a little bias) and you will make a wonderful mother to a little girl! You have so much to teach her and, even with how little I know you yet, I know she is already very lucky to have you as a mom! Enjoy your pregnancy, even though it seems long in the moment, it goes by so fast and then are you are SO busy with life you tend to forget how wonderful those 9 months were!