Friday, August 29, 2008

Haley Rose

The Ingersolls and Petersons would like to formally thank our fabulous cousin/niece Ms. Haley Rose Peckett for gracing us with her bubbly and fun-loving presence this summer.

Haley, you were a joy to have around this summer. And you played the part of a true Coloradan. Along with your adventurous and lovable boyfriend Evan, you braved the elements to hike and backpack. You joined us in our various musical endeavors...

You got to know the city we love and all its eccentricities, and you even introduced us to some of the city's treasures that we didn't know about (think waitresses in drag...) You joined me for Sock Soiree and book club, and everyone wants you to be a permanent member. And you became a LOST fan because we wouldn't allow you not to.

You celebrated Brian's and Delly's birthdays with us, and let us celebrate your birthday with you! And you were there when we officially announced that we'll be welcoming a new Peterson to the family and were a great friend and listener for the first crazy months of this pregnancy.

And you were smiling and enthusiastic through all of it.

We love you and miss you Haley! Thanks for spending the summer with us!

Now just move here permanently already, would you?

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Haley said...

Thanks Rachel! That's one of the sweetest things anyone has ever written for me!

I had such an amazing summer--I'm great PR for Denver as I talk it up to everyone in Boston. Thank you (and Brian, and your parents and Adam) for making my summer so much fun and including me in all your activities. I had the best time!