Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Very Favorite Things about the Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2008

1. Making a patch of grass and a tent home for a week

Our bed included an air mattress, two down sleeping bags, a down comforter with flannel duvet cover, and a fleece blanket to top it off! (it gets into the 30s at night...and I like to be cozy) Thanks Dad for letting us borrow the Taj!
2. The VIEW from camp!!! Seriously!
3. The best Telluride neighbors yet!
Erik and Andrea from Massachusetts (they even fed us bacon-wrapped filet mignon one night!)

Steve (mmm...Steve) from New Mexico

4. mid-festival Scrabble games
5. Squeezing into the super-tiny Fly to the Moon Saloon, battling sleep deprivation and claustrophobia, all for the love of Cadillac Sky

6. Kermit the Frog
7. Getting to Telluride a couple days early, leaving us enough time to hike the Bear Creek Trail
8. To THIS waterfall...

9. And finding this guy (our friend Bill) on the trail
10. The Hydration Station (cold, clear, local mountain water)
11. An unexpected hailstorm

12. An even more unexpected marshmallow fight!

11,000 people throwing thousands of marshmallows (no one knows where they came from) while the Swell Season played in the background. Every single person was smiling.

13. Brian's $5.00 designer cashmere sports coat (from the Telluride yard sale)

14. The SLANKET! (see, it's a blanket with sleeves....perfect for late night festivating)

15. Random Acts of Kindess (two women walked through the crowd Saturday night with a hot, homemade lasagna to share. And to serve it, they'd give you a warm piece of garlic focaccia and pile a piece of lasagna on top!!)

16. The Kids Parade...

17. And my very favorite thing about Telluride 2008? Being in this midst of all this magic and fun and beauty and amazing music with my two favorite men in the whole world!

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Christy D. said...

That festival sounds like loads of fun! You do so many fun things, I love to read your blog. I'm a little jealous, actually :)