Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Book Club Trip to the Peterson Cabin

Two weekends ago I had the best weekend ever with 5 of my favorite women in the whole world. My in-laws, the Petersons, were so kind to let my bookclub take over the Peterson cabin for the weekend. The cabin is located in Twin Lakes, Colorado, between Leadville and Buena Vista.

This is the view from the porch! (That's Mt. Elbert, the tallest mountain in Colorado...)

It was a weekend of utter relaxation and luxury. I spent a lot of time with my book and my journal in this chair...Lily also spent a lot of time in the same chair...It's amazing how much we can talk when we all get together. Most of the weekend was spent at the kitchen table chatting.

We ate great meals, we played games, we drank wine, and we slept and napped.

We painted our toenails using the patented Kathryn Tyler pedicure method. (I swear they're supposed to look like this).

It was a nice break for the mothers in the group (two of whom are also pregnant) to get away for the weekend.

We went hiking on the Mt. Elbert trailhead on Saturday afternoon. From the left....Charlotte, Marjorie, Maura, and Sarah.

And I took all the ladies for a ride on the ATV. That was lots of fun (and we promised to not tell Sarah's husband that she was cavorting around the countryside on an ATV; she is pregnant after all :)
We were utterly surprised to wake up to a snowstorm on Sunday morning, June 8! It was the best weekend. I feel very fortunate to have these amazing women as my friends. Thanks Petersons and thanks bookclub ladies for a wonderful weekend!

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