Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rawk Show

We've done it again; we've somehow survived a full weekend of Widespread Panic. Two nights at the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland, Colorado. This was a new venue for us and many of the folks we went to the shows with, but it turned out to be just great.

Friday night we were so lucky to be the recipients of tickets to watch the show from a luxury box at the venue. Our friends Jeremy and Michelle had several extras and were so generous to share!

It was absolutely the least claustrophobic show I've ever seen! We had plenty of room, we were up high with no one in front of us, we had a great view of the band, seats if we wanted them (which we didn't), and couches and the baseball game! Best of both worlds....

Saturday night we were down in the thick of it on the floor about 15 rows from the stage. The music was great, the crowd was cool, I'm exhausted! Are we getting too old for this?

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