Friday, September 23, 2011

Ryan Spearman house concert

It's house concert season once again! Really nothing makes me much happier as the nights are getting cooler than to fill my home up with like-minded music lovers. I cherish these opportunities to enjoy eachother's company and delicious homemade food. Friends that we haven't seen all summer are once again found knocking on our door, with their hands full of drinks, food, and instruments.

And I cannot imagine a better way to kick off the season than with our new friend, Ryan Spearman. Brian and I have been so excited about this show from what we have heard of Ryan's music. And he did not disappoint.

The best word I can think of to describe Ryan and his music is authentic. Every note from his many instruments and his beautiful voice rings so true, and he is a truly talented songwriter. I was absolutely mesmerized during his performance and I think mostly everyone in the house was too. I get chills remembering how wonderfully, perfectly silent it was as Ryan played, and then how loud and appreciative the applause was as soon as each song was done.

And what a treat it was to have Ryan's wife Kelly join him for a few songs...

An awesome old-timey jam started up shortly after the house cleared out...

Complete with my adorable brother and sister-in-law dancing in the corner and gazing lovingly into eachother's eyes (as newlyweds are known to do).

Visit our youtube channel to see all the videos from the show, but here's my favorite....

It was an absolute joy to meet Ryan and Kelly and to welcome them into our home. My heart is full from all the fun and inspiration of the night.

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Exploring The Gap said...

What a magical night of music and hospitality!

Rachel and Brian really know how to put on a
top notch concert.