Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Brian!

If you know my husband....

You know that this was pretty much the coolest thing that could have happened to him for his birthday.

What an awesome time we had during our own personal tour of the Ome Banjo Factory in Boulder, CO. Brian's Celtic Ome is one of his (and our) most prized possessions and it was so cool to meet the people who lovingly craft these gorgeous instruments. Our 45 minute planned tour turned into a nearly 3 hour visit and discussion of ALL THINGS BANJO! YEAH!

The rest of the birthday weekend was equally lovely with a special lunch out for the two of us in Boulder; dinner with my family at one of our favorite restaurants in Denver, Undici; golf for the boys and post-golf camping with a big group of friends; and a special birthday dinner out in Castle Rock at Siena and this yummy banana cake!

Happy birthday my love. You're the best man I know and I'm supremely happy that I get to hang out with you forever and ever.

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Mark Z said...

Too bad those aren't all dobros ... the world would be a better place! :^O