Saturday, May 29, 2010

The End

Why do I find myself breaking into tears unexpectedly throughout the day and night? Why can't I sleep? Why do I feel on edge and irritable? Why do I feel like I have a big gaping hole in my heart and my soul?

Because LOST is no more. The series finale took place last Sunday. Now we mourn its ending and celebrate its existence.
Those of you who don't watch LOST (or don't watch it the way we do) will think I'm being overly dramatic with this post. In fact, my friend Rachel told me that this blog post makes me seem utterly INSANE. Oh well, it won't be the first time. Hopefully some of you can relate to my obsession. Anyone?

LOST was so much more than a TV show. LOST was an experience that I will value forever. I feel like a very important, wise, funny, beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime friend is gone.

So Sad...

The finale was perfect; I feel completely satisfied by the way this show ended. I know there's a lot of controversy out there about the ending, but I personally think it was a beautiful thing.

And now for some thoughts on my favorite moments and characters from the past 6 amazing seasons...

John Locke, you're a badass (or, more accurately, a B.A.M.F), plain and simple. And Terry O'Quinn's representation of your character was perfection.

Thank you, John Locke, for reminding me that not everything in life can be explained by science. Sometimes we have to believe in something else, something more mysterious and magical.

Richard Alpert, I love your eyeliner. I stood up for you for several seasons, insisting that you were not wearing eyeliner. I've come to accept that you were. You look great in it. Your story was compelling and kept us guessing till the very end.

Ben, you were one of my favorite characters. You were SO EVIL! I loved that you were ALWAYS being beaten to a pulp. It was too bad that you couldn't retain control of the island, but I love that you ended up being #2. Good for you.

Sawyer, you're hot. Really hot. Hot in a traditionally sexy way that I'm not usually into. Thank you for spending lots of time without a shirt on.

And your nicknames were classic.

Jack, I don't feel very strongly about you. But I'm thankful for the central role you played in the show, and I think Matthew Fox played you well. I appreciated and related to your logical and scientific stance on life. I was impressed that you were able to move from being a man of science to a man of faith. Congratulations on resolving your daddy issues and ending up with Kate. You were great in the finale and made me cry. A lot. I'm happy that you died with Vincent the dog by your side.

Kate, I know you get a lot crap. Half of the population (I won't say which half...) seem to only appreciate you for your good looks. Well, you are beautiful. Even after spending years on end in the jungle. But more importantly, you are a BAD ASS WOMAN! The island wouldn't have been the same without you. You held your own among all those manly, power hungry men. And way to go finally killing Flocke.

Charlie, how I missed you. Your death was one of my favorite LOST moments ever. Thank you for coming back to the series finale. You also looked good in eyeliner.

Penny, you're fabulous, beautiful, caring and an awesome mother. You had a great childbirth scene on a sailboat. Yours and Desmond's was by far the best love story of the show. My only complaint with the finale is that there wasn't a Penny/Desmond moment.

How do you know you're obsessed with LOST? We almost named our daughter Penny. After you. Enough said. Decided against it since our last name is Peterson. Penelope Peterson. Penny Peterson. Probably not.

Desmond, brutha. Thank you for the love. Your relationship with Penny was inspiring and touching. One of my other top three LOST moments was the phone call with Penny after all your time- tripping. Goosebumps just thinking about it. Crying as I rewatch it....

Oh Hurley, thank you for 6 great seasons. You make me very happy and you look great in your Dharma jumpsuit.

This show would not have been nearly as good without you; the island inhabitants were lucky to have you in their midst. Jorge played you so well. Your wisdom, sense of humor, empathy and friendship were beautiful to watch.

I just knew you were going to be important in the end; you were always the best candidate in my mind.

Now what? Now I guess we'll start over. At the beginning.

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