Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One Small Change: January 2010

There are a lot of blogs out there that I stumble across as I wander around the internet. Many of them are written by like-minded mamas who inspire me every day as I work to make lifestyle changes, make responsible decisions as a consumer, and raise my daughter in a conscious, natural way. I came across Suzy's blog over a year ago when we met through the Widespread Panic group on Ravelry, a social networking site for knitters. Susy lives in Colorado and goes to a lot of the same concerts and festivals that we do. Although we've talked about it a lot, we have yet to meet in person...but I'm always on the lookout for her and her knitting when I'm at Red Rocks or at the Planet Bluegrass Ranch.

Suzy owns a business called Hip Mountain Mama which sells wonderful environmentally friendly products for natural families. I was so pleased to be able to purchase some of my christmas presents from her this year.

In December I learned about a new challenge that Suzy is embarking on, and she's welcomed her blog readers to join her. The idea behind One Small Change, in Suzy's words:

"We are passionate about educating others about sustainability and passionate about building community. Our desire to create a community of individuals who want to make a positive change has led to the creation of our One Small Change project. We want to challenge each of you to make 1 change each month leading up to Earth Day (April 22, 2010). It can be small or it can be huge, but all we ask is that you decide on something you will do to make a positive green impact and follow through with it. If everyone makes 4 changes between January and April, this can have a huge effect."

Suzy now has 150 people signed up to take part in this challenge and has created a page where you can see what changes other families are making here.

I was really proud of us when I realized that many of the ideas Suzy offers for this challenge are already a part of our household: recycling, cloth diapering, making your own natural cleaning products, bringing your own bags to the store, using rags instead of paper towels to clean up messes, and using reusable lunch sacks...

However, there were several things on Suzy's list, and ideas that I gained from other bloggers who are taking part in this challenge, that inspired me to start making small changes as part of this challenge.

So, here goes...January 2010: One Small Change in the Peterson household
As I've blogged about before here, cloth diapering has been wonderful for us...we're so pleased with it. In light of that, I'm hoping to bring more cloth use into our household. Specifically, by using cloth napkins, cloth/reusable ziplocs, and cloth produce bags.

I'll write about our progress and February's change next month. Until then....what changes will you make in 2010?


Hip Mountain Mama said...

Hey Rachel! Thanks for the great blog post. Hope all is well with you and your little family! Good luck with bringing in more cloth...this is a great first change!

Charlene Johnson said...

Hi Rachel,
My name is Charlene Johnson. Nice blog! I live in Castle Rock and just found out we are hosting the same musicians-Putnam Smith and Shannon Wurst- for a house concert on March 26th, the night before you are. I've read your blog and we seem to have some similar interests and I'd love to meet you. Hope that doesn't sound weird but we host house concerts regularly, my husband and I are musicians/songwriters (vocals, guitar, mandolin, flute) and have three kids 12yrs, 2yrs, 1yr. We are hosting a house concert this Saturday night-Dakota Blonde and we will open the show with a short set. Anyway...I'll give you my website if you're interested. Small world!
Charlene www.charlenejohnson.com