Thursday, May 29, 2008

Territory Days

Territory Days is a three-day street fair held in Old Colorado City (in Colorado Springs) every Memorial Day Weekend.

Brian and I headed down on Saturday with our neighbors Ryan and Amanda

and headed to the fair with Kevin, Marjorie (and baby Noleen #2), and Camryn.

Last year we felt a little out of place in our normal clothes. So this year, we dressed the part.

Kevin wore the sleeveless plaid shirt, Brian and Ryan had on their new wolf and bear t-shirts, I made sure to pull out a tube top for the event, Amanda had on the trucker hat and pigtails...and Ryan's belt buckle even had a bottle opener on it!

Needless to say, we headed straight for the beer garden.

It was amazing how many people were drinking beer already at noon....

All the guys took turns carrying Camryn in the backpack to give Kevin and Marjorie a rest.

We ate lots of food (sweet corn, gyros, more gyros, meat on a stick, and a chocolate covered jalapeno!)

This picture sort of typifies the Territory Days experience. Check out the she-mullet!

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