Monday, January 14, 2008

Adventures in Blocking

Blocking for me has always consisted of throwing a wet towel on top of whatever knitted item I'm blocking and running an iron over it a few times. (for those of you who are non-knitters, "blocking" is a way to flatten out your knitting. It's especially efffective for lacy projects.)

So, I worked very hard on this great scarf for my friend Amanda, and it just didn't look quite right without blocking. So, I decided to finally become a grown-up knitter and use all the proper blocking tools. (like a blocking board, and blocking pins...).
I gathered all my supplies, and then put it off for a month or so. Finally, the day before New Years Eve, I thought I should probably deal with it if I wanted to get away with calling this scarf a Christmas present.

Here's how the scarf looked when it was all blocked out.
I laid a wet towel over the project, and then all I had to do was gently steam it with a hot iron. It dried quickly, and retained its geometrical shape after it was pulled off the blocking board.

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