Monday, August 11, 2014

To Blog or Not To Blog?

Clearly I've taken a break from blogging.  It's been unintentional, and I have conflicted feelings about continuing to write and share here in this space.  Somehow the last 6 months have passed and I haven't had the time, inclination, or inspiration to update the blog.  But I've been hesitant to completely jump ship.  This little blog of mine (which I still think only my mother and one or two other people look at) has always been a special place for me.  I read several blogs on a daily or weekly basis, and have always liked that I'm also a part of this big blogging world (however miniscule my place in it might be...).  I like having space to expand upon thoughts or write about issues and ideas that I feel passionately about.  I like being able to share with people that may not be getting my all-too-constant updates via social media.  But that's really what it's come down to for me.  When I started this blog, Facebook and Instagram were not the major forces in our lives that they are now.  I love sharing photos, updates, and brief thoughts through these social media outlets.  And because I'm doing so there, I don't feel quite the need to document things here.  And also...I'm oh so busy living life.

Alas....we shall see.  Just popping in for a hello and may be back for more posting soon. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Women In Hot Water

One of my very favorite weekends of the year....

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Today is the day my daughter turns five. 
Five years since I held this tiniest of humans.
And now my days are filled with this bubbly, energetic, bouncing-off-the-walls little girl.  And I can hardly remember what life was like before I knew her.

This daughter of mine is someone who is independent, outspoken, and opinionated.  She has got attitude that goes on for miles...and although we find ourselves frustrated with it at times, I know that she will be a feisty, brave, courageous woman, and I am proud of that. 
I work every day to find ways to encourage and guide her toward good behavior, respect, and humility.... while not squashing that feisty spirit.

She loves her family unconditionally and knows that the most important relationships in this world are with family.  She has deep, loving, interesting relationships with her grandparents and aunts and uncles.  She understands that her cousins are going to be her lifelong best friends. 


 And she also knows that there are people in our life who are not related to us, but are family just the same. 

 She loves the outdoors, she loves to camp, and she loves to travel.

  She is learning to have a deep respect for this planet, and she's learning the value of science as a way to understand and appreciate the natural world.

And she is a true festivarian kid.  Although she will continue to develop her own interests and hobbies, we sure do love that for now she's willing to join us on all our adventures.
She is musical down to her bones.  Her life is full of dancing, singing, performing, and singing some more.  She composes her own music, and can also immediately memorize every lyric to every song she's ever heard.  Our days are set to a soundtrack of Sadie's songs. 
She knows that music is one of the absolute most important things to her mama and daddy, and she has embraced this musical life of ours with open arms. 
 She is learning to be thoughtful and empathetic. The work of parenting right now revolves significantly around helping her realize how her actions affect others around her.  Her heart is big and loving and as she gets older I know that she will learn how to let that lead her actions.

She has a style all her own.  Her guiding principle in how she presents herself to the world is simply to choose whatever she thinks is most fabulous. 
I love this about her...she glitters and sparkles and shines and is nearly always the most colorful person in a room. 
Photo credit: Ian Terry
She is truly the most interesting person I know.  The thoughts, ideas, and stories that she shares with us never cease to amaze and entertain me. 
And she is my favorite person in the whole world. 

Five years.  Five years of looking into the eyes of this little human who is as much a part of me as my own arms and legs.  Five years of doubt and frustration and worry about the responsibility of raising a child  in this crazy world of ours.  Five years of adventures and laughs and stories and bedtime snuggles.  Five years of the biggest joy and inspiration and contentment I have ever known.  Five.  Wow.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I Am A Sewing Machine

Four years ago (I am having a hard time believing it's been that long) I bought this old sewing machine to see if I even liked sewing.  And I did!  I got really into it for a while, made a bunch of holiday gifts, and enjoyed having a new piece of furniture on which to store my crap (since that's the purpose it's served for many of those 4 years). 

And I really did like the sewing was fun, relaxing, served as yet another creative outlet, and it is SO MUCH QUICKER than knitting...which might just be my favorite part. 

But although this old sewing machine is a beast, and I love the romanticism and style of its advanced age, I'll admit that it wasn't so easy to use.  It was pretty finicky and seemed to jam up on me a lot.  It required lots of oil and TLC to function.  And so I didn't seem to sew too incredibly often. 

Well, mama got a new sewing machine!  Brian bought me this awesome Brother sewing machine for Christmas this year and I am totally in love with it.  It is a breeze to use compared to my old beast, and so...I'm feeling totally reinvigorated about sewing again!
I've been sewing quite a bit, and have made some easy beginner projects including a couple drawstring bags (one for Sadie's ballet shoes, and one as a project bag for my knitting), and matching Sadie and Mama "rice paddies" (as we call them....rice bags that you heat up in the microwave to keep you warm).  

I made this fold-up changing pad for baby Maya...and hear that it's being put to good use....

 And am well on my way making (quilting! ) these colorful placemats....
 So much fun..blowing up my pinterest craftiness board with a billion and one ideas of things to sew.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Maya Carol Ingersoll

 My beautiful, perfect neice, Maya Carol Ingersoll was born on Friday, January 17, 2014.
 She is the first child of my only sibling, my younger brother Adam.   There is something so strange, and so shocking, and so amazing about your sibling becoming a parent.  It's so exciting when anyone you love brings a new life into this world.  But this seems a little different.  This sibling relationship is so unique and so special.  And so this baby of my little brother's...she's extra special too.

 This family is head over heels in love with this sweet girl.  She is so surrounded by love and adoration.  You can feel it oozing out of our pores all day every day.  Truly.

 And we are here to support these new parents in our midst.  They are taking to this parenting so beautifully from what I've seen, and I couldn't be prouder.

And Mari....oh what a good mother she is!  She's always had such sweet, mothering, nurturing qualities to her...and she's embracing new motherhood, and all its uncertainties and fear and sleep deprivation, with the same beauty, grace, calm, and patience that she brings to everything else.

And my Sadie, of course, is thrilled beyond words to have a sweet baby girl cousin to love and teach and play with.  And I can't wait to see their relationship grow over's going to be great!

Welcome to the world sweet Maya.  We love you so much and are so glad you're here!